Amoxil® (Amoxicillin 250 mg/500mg):
Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Warnings, Precautions

How Amoxil Helps Patients with Biliary Tract Infections

Do you suffer from these infections? Then you should know that this medical condition is about the inflammation of your gallbladder that holds the digestive fluid released into the bile. There are many reasons that may cause its development, including bile duct problems, tumors, bile buildup, etc. If you leave this disease untreated, you risk ending up with quite serious and even dangerous complications, so that it’s advisable to learn more about effective ways to cure it.

Keep in mind that the effective treatment of biliary tract infections depends on different aspects, such as severity of your individual condition. For example, mild cases can be treated in an outpatient manner, while complicated ones require more serious approaches, including surgery. Doctors may decide to give their patients who have such infections antibiotics to manage their health conditions.
Amoxil is one of those medications that can help you fight this disease because it belongs to quite powerful antibiotics that treat different bacterial infections. Pay attention to the latest studies and tests in this field to determine whether its intake is suitable for your needs when treating biliary tract infections.

For instance, 6 patients who had the same health problem have taken 1.5 g of Amoxil as infection treatment on a daily basis to get a clearer understanding of its clinical effectiveness. As a result, this medication proved to be potent in 4 patients, unknown in 1 person and ineffective in 1 patient. Those patients who took Amoxil as regular pills achieved the same results, but the best part is that there were no adverse effects observed in this case. However, its intake may result in specific side effects, just like other medications.

It’s not advisable to take Amoxil if you have certain allergies to penicillin antibiotics because you risk developing a number of unwanted symptoms, including difficulty breathing, drowsiness, rash, itching, etc. If you prefer to be on a safe side, it’s necessary to call your doctor before starting any treatment and inform him/her about asthma or other breathing problems that you have, kidney or liver issues, mononucleosis, diarrhea after taking antibiotics, drug or other allergic reactions, and gonorrhea.

Finally, don’t forget that Amoxil can make your birth control methods ineffective and pass into breast milk. Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if you suffer from PKU, or phenylketonuria, before you start taking this medication to treat specific biliary tract infections. It comes as regular pills, chewable tablets and injections. Remember that only qualified specialists can determine the right dosage to fight your specific medical condition according to your individual response, age, overall health and so on.
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