Amoxil® (Amoxicillin 250 mg/500mg):
Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Warnings, Precautions

Amoxil as a Reliable Remedy to Treat Sinusitis and Ear Infections

amoxicillin 500 mgAny infectious diseases require a thorough medication course, so it is inevitable to select a proper drug potent to produce a desirable effect. The innovative formula of Amoxil helps to kill bacteria, thus, improve the symptoms of numerous health issues. Over the last few decades Amoxil has been successfully used to treat a range of infections, caused by bacteria, including sinusitis, angina, otitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc. A drastic effect of Amoxil, as penicillin antibiotic, speeds up the recovery process and balances normal functioning of the organism.

Safety Recommendations: Amoxil Contraindications, Warnings and Instructions

To experience the desirable Amoxil effects, one should keep in mind a range of safety concerns and follow them. Consult your healthcare provider before the medicine intake. As any other antibiotic treatment, Amoxil produces a rather severe impact on the general health condition, so it should be taken with exceptional caution to avoid negative influence on the vital body functions. Provide your healthcare provider with essential information about your health condition and other diseases you have. Mention heart complications, liver or kidney diseases, asthma, mononucleosis and others. Besides, tell your doctor about the medications you are currently taking to avoid harmful interactions. amoxil for sinus infectionDo not even start the medication administration if you are allergic to the components of Amoxil or similar drugs. Amoxil can harm an unborn and nursing child, so avoid the treatment course if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. What is more, the antibiotic can reduce the effectiveness of your birth control pills. Ask your doctor about other non-hormonal ways to control birth during Amoxil intake. Follow all the doctor’s recommendations, never change the prescribed dose and don’t stop the course abruptly if you do not wish to get any complications and abnormalities.